Father’s Day is Almost Here! Get Him Something Great!

Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you are anything like us, you are already having a hard time deciding what to get your dad this year. Sure, it would be easy to fall back on those old standards like ties and slippers, but wouldn’t it be great to give dad something really unique and special this year? Now, we know what you’re thinking, ” that sounds great guys, but what exactly am I supposed to get him!” Well, we’re glad you asked as we have the perfect solution to your problem. Why not present dad with something he will cherish for years to come, precious memories!Old Slides and Slide Loader

Here at Easy Edit Video, we have all sorts of treasures walk through the door every single day! From Grandma and Grandpa’s wedding photos to those slides from your family vacation in 1982. All of your wonderful memories can be transferred, preserved and presented to dad! Remember that talent show you were in back in elementary school or the school play dad recorded on VHS? We can transfer that to DVD for you! Here at Easy Edit Video, our highly- trained staff has worked with all sorts of media, from VHS to 8-mm film and our work is guaranteed. For the more tech-savvy dads out there, we can even put your images or films on a UBS. He will love emailing your amazing memories to friends and family or even sharing them on Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo. stack of VHS tapes

One of the number one reasons most people don’t have their movies and slides converted is the fear that their one-of-a-kind items will be lost. You don’t have to worry about that with us! Unlike most other businesses, we do all of our work in house! We never ship your items to another facility half-way across the country, we do it all right here in Jacksonville. And if you’re buying for dad on a budget this year, our affordable rates are easy on everyone’s pocket book.8 mm reels of film

So stop worrying about what to get dad this year, dig out those old photos, slides, reels and tapes and bring them on over to us! We are open Monday – Friday 9-6, give us a call at 904-730-9999!

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