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Here at Easy Edit Video, we specialize in all things video production, but one of our most highly sought after services is transferring VHS tapes to DVDs. Every week we get hundreds of orders for this very thing and we love providing this special service to the North Florida – South Georgia area. But did you know that we can also convert your film footage to an MP4?

MP4 files are a great way to not only store your important memories, but edit and share MP4-Iconthem too!  If a VHS tape or film reel is transferred to a DVD, your memories will be safe for decades, but once the DVD is burned, you are unable to add more films, photos or other data. With MP4 files, we upload all of your footage to a hard drive or UBS flash drive, allowing you to add more footage and easily edit the footage you have on your home computer. Do you have old slides and photographs that need to be digitized? We can put them on a USB or hard drive too!

Another advantage to MP4 files is that they are so easy to share! If you convert your film to DVD, we would be happy to make multiple copies of your footage to give to family and friends, however, there are many ways to share MP4 files without having to mail or hand distribute your films.  Social media sites like Facebook, Youtube and Vimeo allow you to easily upload your files to their sites. Other programs like Dropbox or even your email account allow you to easily share your films as well. For more information about sharing, check out this article about 4 Ways to Share Photos & Video Privately.   Facebook icon

Another advantage to MP4 is that you will have to ability to upload them to any computer, thus, backing up your favorite memories! Avoid the possibility of your recently converted memories becoming lost or damaged by uploading your MP4s to your lap top, desk top and other devices.

DVDs are certainly a wonderful way to save all of your precious family moments before it’s too late. Over time, film degrades in heat and moisture, causing irreparable harm. Transferring those films to DVD  is a fantastic way to ensure that your children and even your grandchildren will be able to experience the extraordinary moments that you and your family have experienced. But if you are looking for a way to not only save your memorable moments, but share them as well, converting your home movies to MP4 is the way to go!

For more information or to receive a quote, call us at 904-730-9999, Monday – Friday 9am-6pm.

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