Super 8 is Great at Easy Edit Video!

What do Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino and J.J. Abrams all have in common? They all began their love of film making with the Kodak Super 8 camera. All three of these prominent directors have long praised the Super 8 and feel they owe much of their success to the time they spent using these cameras. Super 8 truly did revolutionize film making in that, for the first time, the average household could afford a movie camera.  Young boys and girls spent hours running around with the Super 8 camera, learning the tricks of the trade and developing their own special styles.  In fact, Super 8 was so influential, Kodak is bringing it back! But what made Super 8 so, well, great? super-8-film

Prior to the release of Super 8, home movies were incredibly difficult to shoot. 16mm film had to be cut down, reels had to be wound and reversed, not to mention the cost! With the introduction of Super 8, Kodak eliminated the tedious process and allowed for quick, easy film making.  Super 8 used Kodachrome film (which is still used today in major motion pictures) for crisper, sharper more colorful images. In fact, Kodachrome is such a good product, many of the old reels and slides made 50 years ago are still just as vibrant as they were the day they were developed! In 1973, Kodak took Super 8 a step further and added a magnetic strip to the film. Why a magnetic strip? Sound! Prior to 1973, all 8mm home movies were silent, with the introduction of sound, a whole new world of film making opened up.

vintage-super-8Super 8 reigned supreme as the go-to in home movie making for decades, but with the advent of the VHS video camcorder, Super 8  fell to the wayside. Reels and reel of footage were left to collect dust in attics, basements and closets across the nation. We are willing to bet that if you take a look, you’ll find old reels of your own hidden away in grandma’s house somewhere!

So what should you do with these old film reels? Bring them to us! Here at Easy Edit Video, we use our state of the art equipment to bring your old Super 8 films back to life! Our highly-trained technicians will use the time and care needed to ensure that your film is safely converted to a format you can watch for years to come.  Give us a call at 904-730-9999 to learn more about what we can do for you!

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