Is The Summer Heat Ruining Your Videos?

As long time residents of Jacksonville, we are the first to tell you how wonderful it is to live in Florida. From the Beaches to the Ever Glades to the Keys, Florida is truly one of the most beautiful, fun-filled states in the union! Unfortunately, with all that Florida has to offer, it comes at a price; summertime heat! With temperatures in the high 90’s and heat indexes even higher, our tropical paradise has been a little unbearable lately. We all know how this terrible heat can take it’s toll on us, but have you considered what it is doing to your videos and films?

When it comes to VHS tapes, 8mm film and 16mm film, there are three main factors that umbrella-raincontribute to the rate of deterioration. The first factor is moisture. When film comes into contact with moisture, it can cause the film to wrinkle, twist, even snap! large amounts of moisture can cause the film to become water logged and completely unplayable. With so many summertime thunderstorms, it is  important to keep your films in a dry place. Keeping your VHS tapes or films in a leaky shed or garage could potentially cause irreversible damage.

heat-sunAnother factor that contributes to the rate of deterioration is heat. Extreme heat, (like our recent heat wave) can cause the chemicals used to develop your film to breakdown. It can also cause the film to warp and become unplayable.  Just as we need air conditioning and shade to stay healthy, so does your film. Storing your VHS tapes and film in an environment lacking climate control can cause serious damage.

humidityFinally, the last major factor that can cause harm to your VHS tapes and film is humidity. Humidity has been known to get trapped inside VHS tapes, causing the film to develop mold and mildew. Once this happens, the tape becomes unplayable. Much like moisture, humidity can also cause the film to become water logged and (without a costly restoration) your home movies and precious memories are lost forever!

Clearly, summer in Florida is pretty rough on tapes and film ( as it is on us!) and precautions need to be taken to protect your priceless moments.

Worried about loosing your VHS tapes and film to the elements? Now is the perfect time to have all of your tapes and reels transferred to DVD. Easy to care for and store, DVDs are a great way to save your films before they are lost forever. To learn more about VHS tape and film to DVD transfers, give us a call.

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