Meet Our Production Crew: Paul, Senior Editor

Meet Our Crew!

       Last week we introduced you to Ashley, our videographer/ dub tech extraordinaire, this week we proudly introduce Paul! A big part of our business is not just shooting events and commercials. Editing the footage to create the perfect video for you is a high priority. This can be an exacting, time-consuming process and it takes someone with patience and expertise to do it well. That is why we are so thankful to have Paul! Paul is a mid-west native with over 25 years of editing experience under his belt, 3 of which he has spent right here. Every day, Paul uses the vast knowledge he has acquired to craft commercials, educational videos, and more. Paul works with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want within a budget that they can afford.


Paul prefers to be a man of mystery!

A Lifetime of Video!

In addition to his career in editing, Paul has spent his life working in media. He has been employed at both radio and television stations. Paul attributes a lot of his knowledge of what works best in videos to the time he has spent behind the camera. Paul’s favorite part of his job is seeing a project go from a concept and raw footage, to a clean, polished video. In his spare time, Paul loves taking cruises with his friends, home improvement projects. He also does a little free-lance graphic design on the side. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and loves all things Sci-Fi. We here at Easy Edit Video wouldn’t know what we would do without Paul! His commitment to excellent work as well as customer service has not gone unnoticed and we truly appreciate all that he does. So the next time you have a video project that needs a professional touch, stop by and have a chat with Paul, he would be happy to help!

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