Meet Our Production Crew! – Kristin, Customer Service

Every team has that member who is responsible for keeping everything on schedule and providing customer service. We are happy to say that our production coordinator, Kristin Reeder, is that team member. From project deadlines, to production shoots, to scheduling, to marketing releases, Kristin makes sure that each task is done on point and on time.

Customer Service, Marketing and More!

Kristin has been a Jacksonville resident for about 20 years now and lives in production coordinator customer serviceMandarin  with her family. She graduated magna cum laude from Flagler College with a Bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in anthropology. Kristin started her career working as project manager for a website design company. She moved to a local manufacturer where she did email and social media marketing. It wasn’t until May of 2016 that she decided to join the Easy Edit Video team. Kristin is the first person to greet our clients so her position usually falls into the customer service area. Thankfully, it happens to be Kristin’s favorite part of the job.

So far the most interesting request she’s had was when a gentleman called to request studio time to start up a Jacksonville based Soul Train. It didn’t follow through, but still an interesting request nonetheless! Kristin has a great deal of patience and explains the sometimes confusing parts of our work process like a champ. Whether it’s handling client requests, archiving files, or locking down plans, she’s a pro! She always takes her time with clients and team members to ensure we are all on the same page.

In her off time, Kristin enjoys time with her family and going trail hiking in the neighborhood park with her son, Jack, husband Marc and dog, Zelda. She also is a sci-fi and mystery enthusiast who enjoys a plethora of films (Star Wars!) and books (Agatha Christie!) alike and has a taste for Whataburger from time to time. Kristin is a great addition to the team here at Easy Edit Video and we couldn’t do our best without her.

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