Introducing Our New Video Series: Ask Ashley!

For more than 23 years, we here at Easy Edit Video have fielded a lot of questions. Every thing from the difference between 8mm and 16mm film, to the length of a VHS tape. Over the years, we have found that quite a few of the same questions keep cropping up. We are always happy to answer each and every one of your questions and look forward to helping you.  We put our heads together to try to come up with a way to provide more information to you in an easy to use, easy to understand way. After much discussion, we decided the best way to help our customers is through online videos. We are pleased to introduce “Ask Ashley” our new information video series!

Each week, Ashley, our resident technician, will answer our most frequently asked questions, explain in greater detail our many services and give you fun and interesting insights in the video production world. We thought that this would be a great way to cover many topics in an easy to understand format. Check out our first video in the series here:

So what did you think? Drop us a line and let us know. While you are at it, if you have any specific topics or questions that you think we should cover, send us a message! We would be happy to add your ideas to our list of topics. We are so excited to be starting this new video series as yet another way to connect with our clients and provide valuable information to all of you.

Again, all of your feed back is welcome! Please use our contact form or even give us a call at (904) 730-9999, we want to hear from you!


Thank you and we hope you enjoy this video series as much as we have enjoyed making it!


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