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35mm Slides and What You Can Do With Them! Ask Ashley!

Most of us have piles of slides sitting in boxes or in the back of the closet. With so few projectors still running these days, most of the 35mm slides out there are simply collecting dust. So what can you do with your slides now that you can no longer view them using traditional methods? Let’s Ask Ashley!




35mm Slides in the 1950’s and Beyond…

35mm slides were once one of the most popular forms of viewing photos. It did take a little time for them to catch on when they were introduced in the 1950’s. But before long, it seemed that everyone had a slide projector. We have all experienced sitting in the living room at a friend’s or relative’s house, watching slides of recent vacations! Slides were a wonderful way of bringing special moments and memories to life! After a sharp rise in popularity through the 1960’s and 70’s, slides began to slowly fade. With the introduction of the VHS home movie camera in the 1980’s, slides seemed outdated. They did, however, have enough of a following to hang on until 2004, when Kodak announced that they would no longer be manufacturing slide projectors.

Slides are still a popular medium among artists today. Many new, up and coming visual artists favor slides for their high definition, yet, vintage look. The often stunning color saturation of slides render them as crisp and vibrant today as they were decades ago.  Many art galleries across the globe feature art installations consisting only of slides and this trend does not appear to be slowing.

If you are ready to take your slides to the next level and save your precious memories, bring them in to us! You will have your pictures to DVD or CD in about a week to 10 days, depending on size, and all work is done here on site! if you have any questions about slides, give us a call at (904) 730-9999, or email us at askashley@easyeidtvideo.com.

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