DVD or MP4, Which is Right For You? Ask Ashley!

Every year, we do thousands of video tape transfers here at Easy Edit Video. Hundreds of clients trust us to save their precious family moments including sporting events, birthdays and vacations. When it comes to transfers, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is “should I have it transferred to DVD or MP4? Both mediums are a great way to get your film off of tape (which deteriorates over time) and save your family memories. Transferring is also a great way to view your videos again. After all, most of us have not owned a VCR in ages! In fact the last company that still produced VCRs shut down production of them last year.  So which way is best for you, DVD or MP4? Let’s Ask Ashley!


Truly, both methods are a great way to ensure that your videos will be saved for years to come, but what you intend to do with them is the key. Do you want to preserve and store your films? Do you want to be able to easily edit them? Are you going to share them  through your email, Dropbox account or on social media? Do you need multiple copies for relatives? Does everyone in your family have access to a computer? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself when deciding which format you should go with. Remember, we are always here to help you make those tough decisions and answer any questions that you may have. Give us a call at (904) 730-9999 or stop by and have a chat!

Do you have a question you would like us to answer or need more information on one of our topics? Submit any questions to askashley@easyeditvideo.com. We would love to hear from you!

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