Tape Storage

Tape Storage Questions? Let’s Ask Ashley!

We all have priceless moments on our VHS tapes, so proper tape storage should be a high priority for all of us. If you do not store your tapes properly, serious, permanent damage may occur. Nothing is more heartbreaking for us than having to tell a client that their tapes are too defective to transfer!  So how should you store your tapes, and where? Let’s start by asking Ashley!

Proper Tape Storage

Storing your tapes properly is truly one of the best ways to ensure that your memories will be around for years to come. In addition to Ashley’s advice, here are some more tips on tape storage.


-Store your films in protective cases or boxes. This helps prevent moisture damage. It can also protect your film if dropped.

-Rewind your VHS! This prevents the film from sagging over time.

-Keep your tapes away from magnets! The film itself is magnetic so any exposure to magnets can damage or even erase your movie!

For more tips, check out this great article from Film School Rejects.

Tape Storage

Protect Your Film Reels

It’s not just VHS tapes that need to be stored carefully. 8mm and 16mm film is highly susceptible to damage! Heat and humidity really do a number on 8mm and 16mm. Film becomes brittle and basically unplayable. The outer sprockets can also began to warp, causing the frame to bounce and jump. Heat also causes the chemicals used to develop the film to breakdown at a rapid rate. The breakdown of those chemicals seriously reduces the quality. A way you can tell if your film has suffered heat damage is by the smell. If your films smell like vinegar, ( yes, vinegar!) they have suffered heat damage. If your films do have this smell, don’t panic! In some cases we are able to salvage some of the film, but, there is no guarantee.

film reels

If you are concerned about saving your films, then bring them in to us! Have them transferred to a more stable medium such as DVD or MP4 to ensure that your memories will last!

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