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Do You Need a Multi-Camera Production? Ask Ashley!

Will my video production need one camera or a multi-camera system? Many questions arise when planning a video shoot, but we encounter this question time and time again. The number of cameras needed is often dependent on the size of the production. Let’s Ask Ashley!

Multi-Camera Shoot

Multi-camera, or multicam, is a method of video production in which several cameras are set up at a single location. They are designed to simultaneously record or broadcast an event. Our multi-camera system might be right for you if you are planning a large production or performance. Graduations, dance recitals, plays and awards ceremonies often require a large staging area. You are assured that every angle is captured with multicam. This system is also great for providing a variety of different types of shots including wide angles and close ups. The different angles are great for large ceremonies. With Multicam, you can capture the audience but also focus on the stage. A multi-camera production is also great for live streaming and can significantly cut down on editing time. multi-camera shoot

Another advantage to our multicam system is that you can finish the shoot quicker! Using multiple cameras means you do not need to relight every scene. Once the cameras are in place, there is no need to re-position them. Finally, multi-camera productions give the director creative freedom! The director can review the tapes and decide which angles and shots work best, without having to re-shoot any footage.


Single Camera Shoot

Mutlicam works great for large, outdoor or arena style events, but what about single presenters? When single camera green screenyou have a single presenter, the focus is in one place. A single camera is usually enough to capture everything. This is often the case when the speaker is using a power point or giving a demonstration.  Interviews can often be a single camera production, but sometimes two cameras are used. When using our green screen studio, a single camera is ideal for taping your footage and adding the background of your choice. If you have ever wondered how green screen works, check out this article. Single camera shoots are also great for instructional videos and seminars.

Every production has it’s own unique challenges. A one on one consultation is the best way for us to determine the number of cameras you need. To discuss your project, give us a call at (904) 730-9999 or fill out our contact form here. We look forward to working with you!

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