DVD Duplication – Let’s Ask Ashley!

We know that you have DVDs that are special to you and your family. We often have clients convert their VHS tapes to DVD and then ask how they can share them. To answer that question, let’s Ask Ashley about DVD duplication!

DVD Duplication

DVD duplication is a fast, easy way to make multiple copies of your favorite home movies. When the disc is duplicated, you can rest assured that the copies will be of the exact quality as the original. You don’t have to worry about the sound, color or picture becoming degraded or altered in anyway. You dvd copies will come in clear, plastic, protective polybox cases. These cases are of the highest quality and are designed to protect your disc for years. Another advantage to polybox cases is that they ship very easily. A simple padded envelope is all that you need to safely mail your disc.

The polybox cases come standard, but they are not the only option we offer. You can have your discs packaged in paper sleeves, Amaray cases or clam shells. In some cases, you might not need packaging at all! In that case, we would be happy to put your discs on a spindle. Prices do vary for all of our different styles of packaging, so when you place your order, please ask for details. Now that you know what kinds of packaging we offer, the big question is, how many can you get? To put it plainly, the answer is, as many as you want!


Order Size

When placing a duplication order, most clients only ask for a few additional copies, but we often receive large, bulk orders from various companies and businesses. Many businesses need thousands of copies for conferences, trade shows and other special events. We can easily complete your bulk orders, sometimes in as little as a day! When placing a bulk order, we do ask that you provide a good copy of the master disc as well as any art work or graphics that are to appear on the discs. If you do not have a graphic but would like one, we offer custom label design for a small fee.

DVD duplication is a big part of what we do each and every day. We are proud to provide this service in a quick, professional manner to all of our customers! If you have any questions, please email them to askashley@easyeditvideo.com, or give us a call at (904) 730-9999.

DVD duplication



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