8mm film transfer

8mm Film Transfer – What You Should Know

Do you have 8mm film that you want transferred to DVD or MP4? Ask Ashley!

8mm Film and Sound

Did you know that it is possible that your 8mm film might have sound? 8mm with sound is very rare, but it is possible that your reels might have sound! To determine if your films were recorded with sound, there are a few things to look for.  First, look at your camera or film to see if it is Super 8. If it is, you may have sound!  Sound wasn’t available until the introduction of Super 8 in 1965 therefore any home movies made prior to that will be silent. Second, if you still have the camera used to shoot the film, check to see if it has a microphone or voice recording system. If a microphone is present, you may have sound. The most reliable way to check for sound is to look at the film itself.


Super 8 is Super Great! 8mm film transfer

Does your Super 8 film have a gold or copper colored strip along the side of the film? If it does, you may have sound! This colored strip could be on either side of the film. It might be next to the sprocket holes or it could be located on the outer edge of the opposite side. The colored strip is magnetic and was used to capture sound. Now that you have established whether your reels may have sound, it’s time to transfer! For more information on Super 8, check out this timeline from Kodak.


Film Transfers

There are two different ways we can transfer your film for you. The first way we can transfer your film is to put your footage on a DVD. This will allow you to play your movies on any standard DVD player. Most of our clients prefer a DVD.  DVDs are easy to view, store and last for decades. The second way we can transfer your film is to convert the footage to an MP4. An MP4 is a digital file that you can download to your computer. Mp4 files are great for sharing footage on the internet and storing them to your cloud.

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