35mm Slide Transfer

Can Easy Edit Video do a 35mm slide transfer? Check out the latest edition of Ask Ashley to find out!





35mm Slides

So many of us have been there. You are cleaning out the closet and find boxes and boxes of slides! For 35mm slide transferover 60 years, 35mm slides have been a staple in the American household. Projected on the wall in beautiful kodachrome color, no party get together was complete without viewing slides! Reaching peak popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, slides have been a huge part of our childhoods. Knowing what a big role slides played, wouldn’t it be great to see them again?


In 2004, the last Kodak slide projector was produced, making it harder and harder to view our slides. Now a days, even if you have a working projector, gathering the family and viewing them on the wall just isn’t practical anymore. So what options does that leave? Here at Easy Edit Video, we have the answer!



35mm Slide Transfer

A 35mm slide transfer is the perfect way to save, store and share your memories. By converting your slide to digital images, you will have a much easier, more modern format to work with. Do you need to send family members photos, simply email them a digital copy! Do you need to make prints, you can easily take your CD of images to any photo lab! When we transfer your slides, we capture the image at a high dpi, which means your images will be of the highest quality. In fact, you should easily be able to make enlargement to your photos if needed. Once your images are captured, we can even create a slideshow for you!

Our highly trained technicians will inspect and clean each and every slide to ensure the best possible image capture so you know your images will come out great! So what are you waiting for, transfer your slides today!

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