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Flood Damaged Tapes

As you all know, Hurricane Irma caused a great deal of flood damage to the North Florida area. Lately, we have been asked, ” How can I save my hurricane and flood damaged tapes?” First let’s ask Ashley!



Flood Damaged Tapes

There are a number of things that you can do to help salvage your tapes. First of all, a good thing to flood damage Irmaremember is that water itself is not the biggest problem, it’s the contaminates in the flood water that can seriously harm your tapes. Rinsing your tapes in distilled water is the first thing you should do. Never rinse your tapes in tap water because it may contain chlorine. Chlorine can be just as harmful to your tapes as other chemicals so please, no tap! If your tapes have already dried, it is best not to rinse them and just keep them dry.

After you have completed step one, it’s time to move on to the second step, drying your tapes. It is very important that you do not use a blow dryer or any kind of heat to dry your tapes. Heat can often be even more damaging to your tapes than water! An air-conditioned room with good air circulation is best for drying. Setting up a small fan can help too, but do not point the fan directly at the tapes. Do not attempt to play your tapes until they have completely dried.


A Quick Note on 8mm Film

If your 8mm film becomes wet, follow the same procedure. There is some information on the web stating that wet 8mm film should be placed in a freezer. DO NOT DO THIS! Freezing the wet reels can cause the emulsion to peel off of the film strip. This would cause irreversible damage.  The first thing you should do is get them in a cool, climate controlled room, then, give us a call. 8mm film can be more delicate than video tape so the sooner you contact us, the better.

Tape Transfer

Once your tapes have completely dried, the final step is to bring them to us and transfer your tapes to DVD or digital. Converting your footage is a great way to save and protect your precious memories from further damage. Transferring your VHS, video8, VHSC and Beta tapes will also allow you to easily watch and share your home movies. And don’t forget, we can also transfer your 8mm and super8 film.

If your tapes have suffered flood or hurricane damage, don’t despair.  You might be able to save them! Follow these steps and then bring them to us, we will do all we can to transfer them.

For more information, give us a call at 904-730-9999 or send us your questions through our contact form here.

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