holiday gifts

Holiday Gifts: Precious Memories

Tis the season! The holidays are rapidly approaching and now is the time to start shopping for those holiday gifts! First, let’s check in with Ashley!


Holiday Gifts

VHS Tape Transfer

Every year we all want to find that perfect gift for our friends and family. Nothing could be better than to give them the gift of special memories! All of those VHS tapes collecting dust contain hours of special moments. Transferring your tapes to DVD or MP4 is a great way to not only preserve your family history but provide hours of joy. Think of how wonderful it will be for you and your family to see your favorite memories again!

holiday gifts

8mm Film Transfers

Do you still have 8mm film reels sitting in the closet or up in the attic? Transferring your 8mm film to DVD or MP4 would be a surprise for everyone!  We can easily transfer your film reels for you before Christmas, but remember, 8mm film transfers can take longer. The sooner you bring us your reels, the better!

Photo Scans

If you have a bunch of old family photos lying around in boxes, why not digitize them for the holidays! Digitizing your photos will not only save them from fading or damage, it will allow you and your loved ones to share them easily. You can upload them to your computer to email to others. You can even share them on Facebook and other social networks. have additional prints made.


Slide Scans

35mm slides were once a wonderful way to share your treasured memories. With 35mm slides, you could project the image on a wall or large screen for all the family to see. Now that slides (and projectors) are a thing of the past, families have boxes and boxes of slide with no way to view them. Let us bring your slides back to life by converting them to digital! Just like photo scans, we can convert your slide to a jpg. image so you are able to view and share them.


Slide Show

If you want to make the holidays really special this year, consider a slide show. We can convert your photos and slides to digital images, then craft a beautiful slideshow you can watch with your DVD player. First, we have you select your favorite images and place them in order. Second, we have you choose a back ground and decide on any music or titles. Finally, our editor creates for you a beautiful slide show that is sure to please anyone on your holiday list.

To learn more about all of our transfer services, visit our website: here.


The holidays are here, don’t delay getting your holiday gifts! Bring us your tapes, film, photos and slides today!


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