family memories

Thanksgiving is for Family Memories

This time of year, family is our number one focus. Around here, Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays because it gives us the chance to recall favorite family memories and create new ones.

family memories

Save Your Family Memories

This year as we all gather together, you are sure to reminisce about holidays past. Thanksgivings, birthdays, Christmas and more are sure to come up in conversation. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to relive those moments? Here at Easy Edit Video, we preserve your favorite family moments everyday by transferring them to DVD and MP4. We can easily transfer your VHS, VHSC, Beta, Betamax, Mini DV and Video 8 tapes to a more up-to-date media. Think of how wonderful it would be to pop in a DVD and share your favorite moments this holiday season! Tape transfers are a big part of what we do and you can rest assured that your tapes are in good hands.

Photos, Film and Slides

If you think we can only handle tapes, think again! We can easily convert your photos and 35mm slides to jpeg. images! Once converted, you can take your disk and have prints made, share them online or even have us create for you a personalized slideshow. We transfer your photos and slides at a high DPI so you know you are getting a high quality image. Best of all, our turn around time is tops!

If you have 8mm film, don’t worry, we can help you too! We can easily transfer your 8mm and Super8 film to DVD or MP4. Our highly trained technicians will go the extra mile to get the best quality transfer they possibly can so you can enjoy your films for years to come. Learn more about all of our transfer services here.

Don’t stress out this season, focus on the family! Bring us your tapes, photos, film and slides and start reliving your memories today!

Happy Thanksgiving

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