VHS Tape Transfers

VHS Tape Transfers: Beat the Holiday Rush!

The Holidays are Almost Here

It’s almost that time of year again! Soon our houses will be filled with loved ones, home to celebrate the holidays. From Thanksgiving, to Christmas, to Hanukkah and more, family is the focus for the rest of the year. Unfortunately, the holidays can also be a time of great stress! Getting the house clean, planning large meals and buying gifts for all of your friends and family can be a huge challenge! Easy Edit Video is here to help!

VHS Tape Transfers



VHS Tape Transfers

Wouldn’t it be great to find a gift that your loved ones will cherish and will also entertain the whole family? We know you have stacks of home movies sitting at home that would make a wonderful gift! Transferring your VHS, Betacam, Video8 and VHSC tapes to DVD or MP4 makes the perfect holiday gift for the whole family! Your loved ones will have hours of enjoyment reliving precious memories. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your irreplaceable family moments are safe. Unlike video tape that can warp and deteriorate over time, DVDs and MP4s are a more durable, long lasting media. MP4s are also perfect for sharing online or uploading to social media. VHS tape transfers are affordable too, so don’t worry about breaking the bank!


8mm Film Transfer

Another excellent service we offer is 8mm film transfer. Much like video tape, 8mm film is vulnerable to time. Factors like heat and humidity can seriously damage 8mm and super8 film. Transferring your reels to DVD or MP4 is the best way to ensure your home movies will last a lifetime. To learn more about all of the media we can transfer, visit our website here.

Our tape and 8mm film transfers have to be done in real time, so the sooner you get them in the better. Beat the holiday rush, save yourself from the headache of crowded  malls and shopping centers and bring us your tapes and reels today.


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