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Transfer Your Photo Slides to Digital

Looking at photo slides used to be a big event and an excuse to have your friends and family over to look at photos. These days, it is almost impossible to view old photo slides as projectors aren’t even made anymore! You don’t want all your precious memories to sit around and get dusty because you don’t have any way to view them. Easy Edit Video can transfer all your old photo slides to CD or USB. This will make it so much easier to share all your photos with friends and family no matter how far way they are from you.

Photo Slides

Old slides can fade, become discolored or damaged. Slides that are stored in heat, direct sunlight or are photo slidesexposed to moisture, have a greater chance of irreversible damage. When you have a digital copy of these photos, you will be able to preserve these moments forever and protect them from future damage. You can also easily have any of the digital photos printed for hard copies as well. The new digital copies can also be be blown up to a larger size. Easy Edit Video can also make a slideshow of your photos including titles, narration or music. Slideshows are perfect for graduations, weddings, birthdays and other important life events.

Transferring your old 35mm slides to digital format is a great way to save and share all of your favorite memories. You will have a copy that can now last a lifetime without any damage if stored properly. Furthermore, you can ensure that generations will be able to view your family pictures! Our technicians inspect and clean every slide to make sure we capture the best possible image. We now your slides are important to you! You can rest assured your items will be treated with care. If you want to learn more, call us or you can stop by our store!

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