Meet Our Production Crew: Jason, Film Tech/Videographer

 Meet The Team!

 You have already met Ashley and Paul…we are now pleased to introduce Jason! Each team member is a crucial part of the quality service provided by Easy Edit Video and we wouldn’t be complete without the assistance of our very own film technician and videographer, Jason Whittmer.

    Sports, Film and More! 


Jason hard at work on a film order!

Jason is no stranger to our great city of Jacksonville as he’s lived here for most of his life. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s degree in communications, focusing on production. He began his career working in the mortgage industry and then for the Jacksonville Suns for 8 years. Jason has also worked for the PGA Tour for 3 years. He then decided to do freelance work for our team in July 2016 and it’s been a great match ever since. The film tech position requires him to run 8mm film through devices that transfer the images to DVD. This takes a great deal of diligence and patience as the film needs to be monitored frame by frame. To learn more about our transfer services, visit our site. Here at Easy Edit, we us computer programs like Final Cut Pro and Toaster to aid him, but it takes a lot time to complete regardless of the computer’s assistance.The longest project Jason has worked on so far was about 9 and a half hours of film that had to be transferred to DVD. That is roughly about 8,000 ft. of film and took him about a month to finish! Needless to say, he’s a pro that takes his time with our client’s treasured family memories. Jason works incredibly hard to ensure that each order is done to the best of his ability to live up to the quality standard that Easy Edit Video is known for.

Outside of work, Jason enjoys an active life in Jacksonville Beach. He enjoys playing in inter-mural flag football and softball leagues as well as surfing. When he’s not enjoying leisurely beach side activities you can find him at his favorite restaurant TacoLu! He also enjoys watching  the Jaguars, Cubs, and Gators. Jason is truly a great guy and has quickly become essential to our company. We couldn’t be happier to have him on the team!


Meet Our Production Crew: Paul, Senior Editor

Meet Our Crew!

       Last week we introduced you to Ashley, our videographer/ dub tech extraordinaire, this week we proudly introduce Paul! A big part of our business is not just shooting events and commercials. Editing the footage to create the perfect video for you is a high priority. This can be an exacting, time-consuming process and it takes someone with patience and expertise to do it well. That is why we are so thankful to have Paul! Paul is a mid-west native with over 25 years of editing experience under his belt, 3 of which he has spent right here. Every day, Paul uses the vast knowledge he has acquired to craft commercials, educational videos, and more. Paul works with our clients to ensure that they get exactly what they want within a budget that they can afford.


Paul prefers to be a man of mystery!

A Lifetime of Video!

In addition to his career in editing, Paul has spent his life working in media. He has been employed at both radio and television stations. Paul attributes a lot of his knowledge of what works best in videos to the time he has spent behind the camera. Paul’s favorite part of his job is seeing a project go from a concept and raw footage, to a clean, polished video. In his spare time, Paul loves taking cruises with his friends, home improvement projects. He also does a little free-lance graphic design on the side. He is a die-hard Star Wars fan and loves all things Sci-Fi. We here at Easy Edit Video wouldn’t know what we would do without Paul! His commitment to excellent work as well as customer service has not gone unnoticed and we truly appreciate all that he does. So the next time you have a video project that needs a professional touch, stop by and have a chat with Paul, he would be happy to help!


Meet Our Production Crew: Ashley Ragland

Here at Easy Edit Video we have always focused on building a strong and successful team to provide quality service and a great experience for our clients. Whether it’s editing, administration or production, our crew works hard to deliver quality results. That being said, we wanted to familiarize you with our team members and show you what they bring to the table. Videography is essential to our business as well as duplication and we couldn’t have asked for a better videographer/duplication technician than Ashley Ragland.dubtech_easy_edit_video

Ashley hails from Fernandina Beach and received her Bachelor’s degree in mass media with a concentration in video production from Valdosta State University (go Blazers!). Clearly, she’s a Florida native with an impressive amount of education in her field! She began her career as a freelance videographer and photographer at a studio in Jacksonville until deciding to join our team in July of 2016. Her duties now consist of filming and assisting at shoot locations, duplicating content, and transferring content to a variety of different formats including DVD and digital. Ashley’s position is one of the more time-consuming here at Easy Edit Video and requires a lot of patience and diligence, but she is always willing to making sure the job gets done properly. The part of her job that she enjoys the most is helping clients find the best options when restoring their memories.

On some more personal notes, Ashley enjoys the beach, surfing, soccer, Disney adventures with her husband, and loves a Jaguar or Florida Gator football game. Overall, she’s a sports fanatic with a knack for adventure and has one heck of a Panera addiction.

Ashley has been a wonderful addition to the EEV team and we are very pleased to have her with us. Come in and say hi to Ashley sometime soon!

Hurricane Matthew Update!

To all of our clients and friends,
We are truly grateful to announce that we sustained absolutely no damage from Hurricane Matthew. In fact, we didn’t even loose power. All of your projects and items are completely safe here in our facility including any files on our servers and items in our library. Best of all, every member of our staff and their families are completely safe, for which we are most grateful. We are here today open for business as usual. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and that we all recover from this quickly.

-The Easy Edit Video Crew

Our New Website Has Arrived!

There is big news here at Easy Edit Video! We are so pleased to announce the launch of our new website! We wanted to make our website faster, more transparent, and overall easier to use.

As one of Jacksonville’s top video production providers, it’s important for us to make sure the information regarding our services is readily accessible. We strive to give our customers the most accurate information and to share our expertise in the field of video production. Some of the new features you will see on our site include:

1. Photo Gallery

2. Interactive Menu

3. Email Sign Up

4. Detailed information about our services

5. User-Friendly Interface

6. Mobile Friendly

7. Much Much More!

We are proud of our new website and we hope that you enjoy using it as much as we have enjoyed building it for you! As always, if you would like to contact us for questions, concerns or even to chat about the website, give us a call at (904) 730-9999. Our business hours are M-F 9:00 – 6:00. Thank you for your continued support and we’ll see you on the web!

Why Hire a Production Crew?

on location film crewToday, videos can be produced in a variety of different manners, from videos recorded on a mobile device to major movie productions, to corporate videos. But regardless of this wide variety, if your business is looking for a high-quality, professional company video, one of the best things you can do is hire a company that has a tested video production process.

A tested video production process is dependable and with a lot of moving pieces such as shoot location, schedules for all crew members, etc. you want to make sure everything happens in a smooth and systematic fashion. Recognizing these details is important for a video production project to meet its full potential. Another benefit of a tested video production process is a predictable timeline that will give you a good estimate of how long it will take to get the video made from shoot to publication. Unless you have a tested process, all of this is guesswork. Hiring a tried and true production company can relieve a good amount of the pressure associated with creating a quality company video. Open and clear communication about a legitimate price upfront is a stress-reliever as you know what is required at the start and will be provided by a reputable company. Since the process has been done before, a reputable production company should have enough experience to make accurate predictions on price. This is important to keep in mind when calling companies about your project. If they won’t give you at least a  ball-park figure,  do not entrust them with your project!

video production crewA great video isn’t something you just create out of thin air. As much as we might have the luxuries of a smartphone at our fingertips, it doesn’t cut it when it comes to producing a quality video. There is a certain amount of coordination, editing, post-production, and publishing that goes along with producing a quality video. Even a small-scale shoot can mean big exposure to a company, so it’s wise to choose a video production company that has a tested video production process.

Is your business in need of a professional video production crew? Give us a call at (904) 730-9999 and tell us about your project…We look forward to working with you!

Easy Edit Video Films The Chamber Music of Gary Smart

  UNF and the Cummer Family Foundation Chamber Music Series presented “The Chamber Music of Gary Smart”, last Tuesday in the Recital Hall at The University of North Florida. Easy Edit Video had the pleasure to cover the concert using a two camera wide angle set up with high quality video and audio recording equipment.Filming Chamber Music

The program began with a segment called “Street Music” performed by Piotr Szewczyk on violin and Betsy Federman on cello. This segment was a bluesy, layered and complex piece. Then followed a premier segment called “Heartwings” with Simon Shiao on violin, Jorge Pena on viola, and Alex Downs on cello. This was a string trio piece inspired by the emotional life of birds; being abstract, spacious and beautifully lyrical. The final segment before intermission was called “The Encantadas” performed by Piotr Szewczyk on violin, Betsy Federman on cello, and Gary Smart on piano. In this piece, they expertly recreated Spanish traditional music to show common ground in diversity.

UNF Music ShootThe final performances were “Fellow Creatures” featuring Jimmy Hall as the tenor and Gary Smart on piano, followed by “Piano Quartet” with Philip Pan on violin, Jorge Pena on viola, Alex Downs on cello and Gary Smart on piano. “Fellow Creatures” are ten songs inspired by the poems of Ogden Nash, who was a clever poet that wrote short and silly, yet sophisticated poems. These were songs that Gary Smart wrote in his younger years and he now performs them with his friend Jimmy Hall to relive those special moments. “Piano Quartet” was the final piece of the night. It a wonderful number based on several international folk tunes including  African American, Chinese, Hindu, Swedish and Mexican cultural melodies.

We were honored to not only film this memorable performance but to work with the great people at UNF who know how to put on a quality performance and pleasant evening.

Get Your Business Noticed Online With Video

Over the last few years, a new trend in the retail and the service industries has emerged. More and more businesses are seeing that the customer’s attitude towards purchasing products have changed and so have their expectations. Smooth user-interface on a website and a direct presentation of your product or service are vital objectives to meet the expectations of today’s customer. Whether you are selling a product, service, or promoting a brand, video has become the proper medium for brands to speak to their customers in a fast and efficient manner.camcorder_image

73% of consumers are more likely to buy products after watching a video! We think it’s safe to say that it’s a powerful tool to answer concerns or questions customers may have when they view your site. When you make a video featuring a few insights about your product, your chances of gaining a customer that is confident in your product increase.

Videos were once considered to be viral content or homepage information that were used to tell the tale of your brand. Now, marketers are utilizing video to educate buyers and build stronger, longer running relationships, ultimately leading to more sales. Video makes the consumer feel like they are gaining something by buying the product because witnessing the product or service in use before purchasing it makes them feel like they won’t be ripped off or sold short.

blog_social_mediaVideo also can be beneficial with your social networks. Posting videos on your company’s profile can bring lots of interest to your business as well as a great deal of buying power. People are 44% more likely to buy a product after watching a video on a social network. It’s a wise move to consider posting a video to popular social networks like Facebook. Social networks also provide keen analytics such as demographic information, location, and click-through rate to give you a more focused view on your customers and their buying habits.

Videos are great medium to promote the true essence of your product and with 60% of  total digital content on line being video, it is necessary to stay relevant and engage with your customers. Come see us at Easy Edit Video and we’ll help make your product or service come to life!  Monday – Friday 9-6   (904) 730-9999

Protect Your Precious Memories!

With the recent tropical storm moving through the area, we all know how important it is to protect our property, even if Hermine wasn’t so scary! Renters, home owners and car insurance are a must-have in North East Florida and something that no one should be without. We all know that these polices will help you replace your home or your car, but what about the things that can’t be replaced? If you haven’t already, now is the time to protect your special keepsakes!

Here in Florida, one of the best things you can possibly invest in is a waterproof safe. This is the perfect place to store all of your important documents, jewelry and small items of Tropical Storm Herminevalue. Waterproof safes are certainly not cheap, but a small investment now can make a huge difference in the future should a storm arise. If you can’t afford a waterproof safe, purchase plastic totes to store some of your more sentimental items. They won’t be as well protected, but at the very least, they will have some protection against the elements.

I think we can all agree that some of the most important items we have in our homes include priceless home movies and irreplaceable photographs and slides. It’s not always easy to store these items in a weather-proof safe or container… so how can you save and protect your memories? Bring them to us! Here at Easy Edit Video, we can transfer your VHS tapes, 8 mm film, slides and photographs to DVD, CD or USB. By transferring your family memories to digital format, you are ensuring that you have an easy to store, easy to carry copy of your irreplaceable moments.

For more information, give us a call at (904) 730-9999. Or better yet, stop by Monday -Friday, 9:00 am – 6:00 pm and have a chat with us about what we can do for you!

Are Your VHS Tapes Worth Big Bucks?

For many of us, the idea of watching a VHS tape today is not only outdated, but pretty much impossible. Having made the switch to DVDs and MP4s, very few of us still have a working VCR! With that being said, if you are anything like us, you still have quite a few VHS tapes in your home. At first glance you may think that those tapes are worthless, simply taking up space and collecting dust; but did you know that some of your VHS tapes might be worth a great deal of money?

Due to nostalgia and rarity, there are many different types of VHS tapes that are worth big bucksrare_VHS_Tapes. For instance, Pro-wrestling VHS tapes from the 1980s and 1990s are worth quite a bit of money to collectors. Music videos and movies are also highly sought after by die-hard fans, searching to get anything and everything distributed by their favorite bands. Speaking of die-hard fans, some of the most dedicated followers of any movie genre has to be horror enthusiasts!

Horror fans all over the world are willing to pay top dollar for low-budget films, or B movies. These movies fetch a high price mainly for their rarity. Why are they so rare? When major film companies moved away from VHS to DVD, many of these films were not deemed important enough to make the transition. Because there is no other format in which these films are available, the VHS copies are often the only recordings of these films, and horror fans go nuts for them!

Finally, the last type of rare VHS tapes we will discuss is banned or discontinued films. As times change, so do societies and cultures. What was once considered to be normal or acceptable, can quickly change and these changes are reflected in film. Certain movies that were once considered to be perfectly acceptable family entertainment, are now considered unsuitable for a variety of reasons. Much like banned books, collectors scour flea markets and the Internet searching for many of these banned films.

These are just a few of the types of VHS tapes that are highly sought after… do you own any of them? Now is a great time to take a look at your forgotten VHS collection and make some extra cash, but before you do, remember to bring them in to us and have them transferred to DVD first!