Multiple Camera Production

Multiple Camera Production or Multicam, is a method of video production in which several cameras are set up to simultaneously record or broadcast an event. Having multiple cameras allows the director to view various angles and select the best footage. This gives the director greater creative freedom in deciding which shots they wants to use.

Benefits of Multicam  Multiple Camera Production

  •  Multicam reduces the amount of time needed for editing.
  • You are able to get a lot of different shots in a single take without having to start and stop the action.
  • It allows you to have multiple angles of the same scene. You can also have each camera focus on a different element in the scene.


  • Multiple camera productions permit you to shoot quicker because you do not need to relight every scene or move the camera.
  • Multi-cam offers you the freedom to switch between multiple points of view in a single setting.
  • Using a multiple camera system can help you obtain complete coverage of an event. You will not  miss any important moments.
  • Multicam can significantly enhance the viewing experience by showing different perspectives. This would be difficult to achieve with a single camera.

Most of all, having greater creative freedom during your video production provides you with an artistic advantage. This can result in a far more interesting and entertaining final product. Multi-cam is also very beneficial to live events.

Live Events Multiple camera production

Live events are special. They are a one time occurrence and can not be repeated. Having them filmed from multiple cameras is a great way to ensure that all of the action is captured. Live events that can benefit from multi-cam include sporting events, concerts, business meetings, panel discussions, educational conferences and fashion shows. Live events move swiftly with no stops for retakes. You will only have one chance to capture the action! Due to this, it is so important to have every angle covered. We can even live stream your event with multicam. Not only will we film every part of your event, those who are unable to attend can watch it from home!

We specialize in video production! Our team can help you decide on how many cameras you will need for your shoot. We can also provide you with post production services.

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