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Steps For A Successful Green Screen Production


Shooting in a green screen studio allows you to completely control your environment.
With video effects and technology, you can:

  1. Superimpose your subjects onto virtual backgrounds.
  2. Place them over animated digital backdrops.
  3. Transport them into any scene you desire.


Green Screen Production uses a process known as chroma- keying which enables the editor to combine two images or shots together.

This is done by isolating and removing a single color (in this case green) from one scene and replacing the affected area with a different image or scene.

Once a green screen is identified and digitally removed, just about anything can be added back in, while the parts of the original image that are not green remain unaffected.



  1. Image sensors in digital video cameras are most sensitive to green which means the color green produces the cleanest key.
  2. Contrast. To isolate one area from the rest, the background color must be distinctly different. Simply put, when it comes to on-camera talent, bright green is a color that does not match human skin tone and is not normally found in clothing.


  1. Have a Pre-Production Meeting
    • Determine video content and objectives.
    • Decide what the goals of the video are and what topics should be included.
    • Try to determine what the background(s) will look like BEFORE shooting.
    • Agree on branding guidelines….logos, designs, colors, etc.
    • If possible create storyboards to show how the subject will appear on the background. This will give you a rough idea of what the scene is going to look like before it’s shot.
    • Establish a perspective for the shot. The talent should naturally fit into the background image.
    • Know your deadlines for all material. What do you need to do and when.
    • Decide who is responsible for each item or step in the process and who has final authorization.
  1. Write your script or create an outline
    • Many clients either write their own script, have an in-house scriptwriter, or hire a professional to do the job.
    • It will be necessary to provide an outline of everything you want included in the program, along with any print materials, operation manuals or any other material relevant to this video.
  2. Send us your script
    • E-mail Easy Edit Video a copy of your approved script as a Word document a day or two before your shoot so we can load it into our teleprompter.
    • Our teleprompter is completely customizable which means we can adjust the font size, spacing, scroll speed, and colors to suit your needs.
    • We can also make any last minute revisions to the wording when you are here.
  1. Determine who will be at the shoot
    • Try to limit it to only those who are necessary.
    • Along with the on-camera talent or spokesperson, make sure you have someone who has the authority, knowledge and ability to make quick decisions that will help keep the process moving forward.
  2. Give your talent or spokesperson adequate time to practice and rehearse their script
    • While they don’t need to memorize the lines since we have a teleprompter, the more rehearsing they do in advance , the less time it will take.
    • If possible rehearse in front of the mirror, colleagues, friends or family to get good feedback.
    • This will help you make changes if you notice something does not sound natural or if you left out a key piece of information.
  1. Plan your wardrobe in advance
    • Dress according to your role in your company. If you are the business owner, a business suit is suitable. If you are a construction worker, wear your safety gear. Think about the image you are trying to present and dress the part.
    • Clothing with tight or thin patterns should be avoided. Solid colors work best with green screen as pin stripes or other busy patterns can cause optical illusions that look terrible on video.
    • Avoid wearing green, bright white, bright orange and bright reds. Any of these colors can cause distortion during filming.
    • Do not wear jewelry that can cause reflections or create noise.
    • If you usually wear eyeglasses, wear them in your video so that you are easy to recognize.
    • Wearing makeup is a great way to reduce perspiration and cover any facial redness or blemishes, however, please avoid bright red lipstick colors. Dabbing a little powder on your lipstick will help soften the shade.
    • Just like clothing, neck ties should be simple, solid colors.
    • Dark and solid colors are great for creating a slimming effect, whereas light colors and bold patterns can have the opposite effect on video. Not only do dark solids look good on green screen, they will make you look great too!
    • You might want to consider hiring a professional makeup artist and hairstylist. After all, you are investing in a professional green screen video, you want to look your best.
  2. Gather your props
    • Determine what if any items the talent or spokesperson will use, interact with, or need to maximize the effect.
    • If doing a demonstration, test the objects in advance to make sure they are working correctly.
      Enhance the shot by giving your host a prop that interacts with the background. This makes the location seem more realistic and the presenter more believable.
green screen


  1. Supervise content
    • Watch and listen to the spokesperson/actor for any errors. One mispronounced word can ruin a whole scene and require a re-shoot later. Catching it in production will save time and money in the long run.
  2. Determine camera angle
    • What is the best angle to tell the story.
    • What angle is most flattering to the talent.
  3. Keep an eye on your presenter
    • Make sure they appear relaxed. Viewers will find them to be more credible.
    • Do not square off to the camera. This comes across as formal and stiff.
    • Make sure your talent/spokesperson is acting natural and exuding confidence.
    • Keep talent at least 6-8 feet in front of the green screen. If too close they will cast a shadow on the green screen which will distort the quality of the key.
  1. Have the production company provide you with a monitor
    • This will enable you to see the exact shot the videographer is shooting.
    • If talent is moving around this will help you make sure they stay within the green screen wall or background.
  2. We are here for you
    • Rest assured we will do as many takes as your presenter needs to get comfortable and confident on camera. The only thing that matters is getting it right.
  3. Planning and preparation are key
    • When shooting green screen, you want to be super prepared. The more organize you are the smoother the shoot will go.

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