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More businesses than ever before are trying to leverage digital video to reach more customers and grow their online business. By now you’ve seen countless videos from businesses, perhaps even your competitors, and it is easy to see who used a professional to create their video and who used their iPhone. The quality and style of online video used by a business can speak volumes to potential customers. A poorly produced video may give viewers the impression that your product or service is sub-par. While a highly produced digital video may give the impression that you’re a larger corporation than you really are, it can turn-off part of your target audience. Finding your “sweet-spot” between these two extremes is crucial. Lucky for you, Easy Edit Video is here to help.

There are several key factors which should be used in any style of professional online video. Regardless of your business vertical or the intent of your video, you must include a call-to-action. It may seem simple, but many companies leave out this critical piece. Tell your viewers what you want them to do. If you’re making a recruiting video, your CTA may be “apply now” whereas marketing videos may be “click to order.” By providing crystal clear instruction on what you want them to do next, you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your online videos.

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On-Location Shooting

The Easy Edit Video team will go to great lengths to get the perfect shot! On-location shooting is our specialty.

Your online video also needs to provide legitimate value to the viewer. What we mean by that is creating a video that is for the viewer, not for your business. Many companies make the mistake of going on-and-on about how great their product or service is without ever providing real value to the viewer. This person is taking their time to watch your video, they need to get something out of it. If you are demonstrating a product in your video, be sure to include all the benefits for the potential buyer. If you are shooting a recruitment video, be sure to answer some of the common questions new employees may have about your business. The key here is to put the viewer first and your business second.
clinical video production

Probably the number one key to the success of any professional digital video is positioning it for long-term traffic. While your website may be wonderful, chances are it doesn’t get as many views as some of the popular video sites do, such as Vimeo or YouTube. Consumers are turning to these video sites for searches almost as much as they turn to Bing or Google. Having your video available to answer their questions and provide them with what they’re looking for will drive more traffic to your site in the long-term than if you only had your video visible on your website.

The biggest opportunity for online videos today has got to be content marketing. By producing valuable content which your audience craves, and doing it better than anyone else, you build long-term value for your brand while simultaneously increasing the lifetime value of your customers. We’ve all experienced it, instead of turning to search to find a product or service, we turn to a brand that we know and trust. Why? Because this brand has provided value to us for a long time through their content. This concept applies to any business. Medical professionals can produce videos about their field of expertise, construction companies can make videos about their latest projects, attorney videos often discuss the legal rights of their clients, and so on. By establishing trust through professional online videos your brand will capture the quick-to-convert customers as well as those who need to get to know you over several months before committing to a purchase.

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Internet Video Jacksonville

We’re often asked by our customers, “how has Internet video revolutionized the industry?” The answer boils down to a combination of access and speed. When home users were first able to access the Internet via a standard phone modem, getting online took a very long time, pages loaded slowly, and watching videos on a computer was almost unheard of. As more and more people began accessing the Internet for their content needs, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) began pouring millions of dollars into infrastructure, making access easier and faster for all. As speeds improved, streaming video became a reality. Today, anyone can create and upload an Internet video in minutes and start getting views. Gone are the days of needing expensive equipment just to produce a video. Now anyone with an iPhone can produce one. The downside being that anyone with an iPhone can produce one! As volume has gone up, quality has gone down. Yet this gives you the opportunity to stand out with professional polish in a sea of mediocrity with a professionally produced multimedia Internet video, made right here in Jacksonville.

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