Old Tapes: Dispose or Recycle?

Once you transfer all your tapes to DVD or USB Flashdrive, it’s time to get rid of them. 

So Now What??

Yes videotapes are recyclable…but its difficult to do, and easier said than done.
When it comes to recycling, video and audio tapes are not accepted in any local recycling program. 
This means you will need to find a techno-trash specialist recycling service which recycles old technology in an environmentally friendly way.

Or, you can look for a waste-to-energy incineration recycling plant where they will be burned to produce green energy. In both cases there is nothing locally in Jacksonville. The good news is video and audio tapes are not considered household hazardous waste and can be tossed in the garbage.  Just make sure your tapes do not contain personal information.

Your Location Can Make or Break Your Video

Production Planning: Your Location

Did you know that your location can make or break your video? It is important to plan where you want to shoot ahead of time. Looking for a location means finding the right place that will serve as the setting for the scenes in your script….this can either be on-location or in a studio. In video production, the right location supports the narrative and helps create a believable world.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting your location:
Aesthetics:  Does the location match your vision?  How will it
     look when videotaped?
Permits and Permission:
  Private property usually requires the
    owner’s permission.  Public property may require a permit from
    the municipality.
Distance:  How far away is the location?  Then assess the
   feasibility of transporting cast, crew, and equipment to the site.
Cost:  What, if anything is the cost to rent, lease or use the site?
Logistics:  What resources are available…what resources will
    you need to provide?  This includes lighting, scenery or a set,
    AC power or generators, toilets, parking.
Weather and Environment:  What impact could they have on your

A Great Script Means a Great Video

Production Planning – Scripting
A great script means a great video.

The perfect script can make a dramatic difference in the overall quality, reach and effectiveness of your video.  Start with an outline.  Every outline should include an opening, the problem, a solution and a call to action. 

Determine your goals and objectives…what are the key points you want to communicate.  Think about your target audience – who will be watching your video.

Write the way you speak.  Make it sound conversational and natural.  When you write…think visually.  Constantly ask yourself, what will the viewer see when they are hearing these words.
Keep your script concise and on topic.  A good script ensures all points are covered.  While the length depends on the subject, a good rule of thumb is 120 words equals about one minute.
When you are done, read your script out loud, then read it to others to get their feedback and opinions.  Having a well written script is a great start to creating the perfect video.