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A Letter From Easy Edit Video Owner Regent Ducas

Hello Friends,

Everyday nearly a dozen people walk through our doors at 8431 Baymeadows Way to walk down Memory Lane and preserve their precious memories by transferring their old VHS tapes, film, pictures, slides to DVD or USB Drive.

As the new owner, I often inquire how our customers found us and its usually through an internet search. But nearly everyone tells me they investigated “shipping’ their memories away to a nationwide company that spends millions on advertising. Ultimately, they decided they couldn’t bring themselves to put those precious memories in a box and ship them, not knowing if something could go wrong… I’m here to tell you a lot could go wrong.

You must read online reviews to see first-hand all that has gone wrong. 

There’s simply no reason to ever think about shipping your memories when a business such as EASY EDIT VIDEO is in your backyard. We NEVER ship any of your memories away. All the work is done right here at our offices. You’ll drop off your valuable memories and speak with the person who will do the work. Additionally, our turnaround time is between a few days to a week. The average turnaround time for the National companies is 12-15 weeks. Furthermore, we guarantee our work. I will personally handle any issues you may have. Good luck trying to reach a real person at the national outlets.

I’m thrilled to be the new owner at Easy Edit Videos. It’s exciting to hear everyone’s story as they drop off their memories and even more special when they get to share them with family and friends.

Go to your closets…. Get those tapes out… and let’s put them on a DVD or USB Flash so you can once again walk down Memory Lane!

Regent Ducas invites you to bring your old VHS tapes in to Easy Edit Video

Regent Ducas

Owner- Easy Edit Video

Transfers and Conversions in Jacksonville

Meet Easy Edit Video President and Owner David Zuckerman as he shows you his team’s duplication, transfer, and conversion rack – the largest facility for transfer and conversions services in Jacksonville, Florida.

The holidays are right around the corner. What better gift than to preserve memories now before your old vhs tapes and other forms of old media you may have that are collecting dust deteriorate further?

Watch this short video to learn more about the transfer and conversion process from David Zuckerman, Easy Edit Video’s President and owner.

Give David a call today. Just in time for the holidays!

Hi, I’m David Zuckerman, president and owner of Easy Edit Video here in Jacksonville, Florida. I am standing at our duplication and our transfer and conversion rack. We are the largest transfer and conversion facility in northeast Florida.

What you are looking at are multiple VCRs and multiple recorders. The objective is that you bring in your old tapes, any consumer grade format, any professional grade format. We will then take your tape and convert it to either a dvd so you can watch it on your DVD player, or we can convert it to a digital MP 4 file.

So you can take that file, plug it into your smart tv, or plug it into your computer, and you can watch your video.

We handle a wide range of formats. We are fast, we are efficient, we are affordable, and every single transfer and conversion is quality control. We check to guarantee the quality.