Easy Edit Video on location for Evergreen Roofing and Solar

Easy Edit Video Produces a Marketing Video for Evergreen Roofing and Solar

Easy Edit Video was happy to help Evergreen Roofing and Solar with this corporate marketing video project.

The new Evergreen Cool Roof System marketing video is designed to engage viewers and direct them to the company’s website

It features a skillful mix of on-location video production, client testimonials and on-camera talent. 

The environmentally safe Evergreen Cool Roof System is designed to reduce attic temperatures. 
This in turn will reduce the temperature of your home, lower your electric bill and make your home more energy-efficient.

 Easy Edit Video President David Zuckerman On Location Producing a marketing video about the Evergreen cool Roof System
Easy Edit Video President David Zuckerman On Location (in a tight spot) doing what he does best!

Indiana’s Saver Systems Selects Easy Edit Video

Indiana’s Saver Systems selects Easy Edit Video to create their new product marketing videos.

Company representatives flew into Jacksonville to shoot and edit a series of informational and instructional videos for their new lawn care maintenance product Natrapest. 

Joining Saver Systems was CedarStop which will also market the product under their corporate logo.
The videos include product benefits, how-to-use demonstrations and safety details.

Besides being super effective at killing backyards pests like mosquitos, fleas and ticks,  Natrapest and Cedar Stop are both made with cedarwood, peppermint, and clove oils that are non-toxic to people and pets.

Easy Edit Video would like to thank on-camera talent Charlene Shirk, Maher and Michelle Bateh for the use of their home, and our adorable co-stars Bobbie and Merriam.