Community Hospice & Palliative Care Create New Orientation Guidelines Video at Easy Edit Video’s Green Screen Studio

Community Hospice and Palliative Care turned to the Easy Edit Video team to create their new Orientation Guidelines video.

The new video discusses both Hospice and facility roles for resident and family care at end of life.

Shot in our Green Screen studio, Easy Edit Video was able to add on-screen text and graphics to emphasize the guideline’s key points.

Besides reviewing policies and procedures, the video shows how hospice provides individualized comfort to those with a life-limiting illness along with supporting care to family and friends.

The video included members of the Hospice team reviewing their departments’ role in the care giving process.

Financial Guru turns to Easy Edit Video

“Achieving Your Financial Goals” is the subject of a video series created by financial consultant Peter Thomsen.Using Easy Edit Video’s green screen studio, Thomsen inserted an office background and was even able to add text and graphics providing relevant financial information.

Thomsen uses the Ben Franklin Method to explain how you can pay off your home as fast as possible without any extra monthly costs. When complete, Thomsen will add these videos to his YouTube channel and feature them on his website.

If you are a business owner we can help you promote your business. Learn more about our corporate video services here: Easy Edit Video Corporate Video Production in Jacksonville, Florida.

You may also learn more about how the green screen video production process works!

Big Ideas + Small Budget =Green Screen Production

Many people think green screen technology is only for big-time Hollywood movies.  But nothing could be further from the truth. Green screen production is a great way to create a high-quality professional video without breaking the bank. With a green screen you can be transported to any location in the world, without ever leaving our studio.

The way it works is simple.  Green screen production uses a process known as chroma-keying which enables the editor to combine two images or shots together. This is done by removing a single color (in this case green) from one scene and replacing the affected area with a different image or scene.

At Easy Edit Video, our Green Screen studio is fully equipped with a professional lighting setup, teleprompter and camera.

A Great Script Means a Great Video

Production Planning – Scripting
A great script means a great video.

The perfect script can make a dramatic difference in the overall quality, reach and effectiveness of your video.  Start with an outline.  Every outline should include an opening, the problem, a solution and a call to action. 

Determine your goals and objectives…what are the key points you want to communicate.  Think about your target audience – who will be watching your video.

Write the way you speak.  Make it sound conversational and natural.  When you write…think visually.  Constantly ask yourself, what will the viewer see when they are hearing these words.
Keep your script concise and on topic.  A good script ensures all points are covered.  While the length depends on the subject, a good rule of thumb is 120 words equals about one minute.
When you are done, read your script out loud, then read it to others to get their feedback and opinions.  Having a well written script is a great start to creating the perfect video.