We are Jacksonville’s Largest Video Transfer and Digital Conversion Studio!

Convert your old VHS, 8MM Film, slides, and cassette tapes into DVD or USB Flash. Digitize all your media so you can keep those memories for generations!

If you’ve gone in your attic, or cleaned out your closet, chances are you came across some old film, video tapes, slides or photos. Every year your priceless memories age more and more causing them to deteriorate. Convert them into a digital format.
Easy Edit Video has the experience and equipment to take your media (VHS, Hi8, VHS-C, Betacam, Mini-DV) and convert it into a digital file. This can be stored on a DVD or USB Flash Drive, all of which last far longer than older storage types.

Easy Edit Video transfers all the following videotapes:
-Betacam Sp          -S-VHS          -Hi-8          -DVCam
-DVCPro               -VHS             -Video       -BetaMax
-MiniDv                -VHS-C          -8mm        -PAL/SECAM

DVD or USB Flashdrive? It’s a question we get asked all the time. So lets make it real simple…

Strict quality control procedures guarantee every copy and file is as good as the original. Grade-A discs and USB Flashdrives ensure superior quality and flawless copies.