Pre-Production Planning

The first step in any video production is the pre-production planning phase.  Important questions are answered: is the venue inside or outside; the number of people involved; is someone speaking; and are we staging an activity or just shooting an event.  Once the budget and the script are finalized, we will create a schedule for the production and begin shooting.

Office Locations
If you’re producing a video about your company, you might want to feature your office and the activities occurring there.  Since it’s your company, you control the location — allowing you to showcase its finest attributes.  It offers a perfect backdrop for interviews and provides an opportunity for employees to participate in the program.

Outdoor Locations

Outdoor locations are great visually.  Taking viewers to multiple sites makes the program more engaging.  Nothing makes a positive impression like showing your employees doing high-quality work “in the field.”  Other considerations are the weather, traffic, airplanes and changes in lighting, which can cause changes to the production schedule.  So, have a plan, but be flexible.

The Script

The script is the foundation of any video production.  It guides the production team on the overall vision for the video.  Always keep your main focus in mind and make your message as clear and concise as possible.  Training videos should clarify and highlight important information and have clear learning objectives.

Post Production

Post-production is one of the most creative and important steps in the video production process.

Our clients demand TALENT and Easy Edit Video’s editors are the best in the industry. Every successful video production is the result of people working together. That’s why we strive to achieve a partnership between you and the editor.

Providing artistic creativeness and technical expertise, our experienced editors will work with you to create a video that achieves your objectives.

This is when we arrange the video clips you shot in the order you want to effectively tell your story. All video editing is computer based which means you ca view, cut, and arrange your video any way you choose.

A key step in the video editing process is adding titles and graphics. Good titles can summarize your video, introduce what is coming next and acknowledge who worked on the production. Graphics explain information in a clear, concise way and are the best way to simply complex ideas while keeping your audience absorbed in the message.

This is the process of combining multiple tracks of audio including announcer voice over, music, natural sound, and special effects. It’s also the balancing of audio levels so each element sounds clear and distinct.

Color correction fixes color issues and is the technical process of adjusting the color levels of each videoclip so they all match and have a consistent appearance. Color grading is the creative process of intentionally changing the video color to create a special effect or feeling.

Since 1993, Easy Edit Video has created hundreds of videos for a wide range of corporate, professional, non-profit, government, and consumer clients. Using your guidance, our editor will create an informative and entertaining video that will achieve your goals.

We take your vision and turn it into realty. What matters most is knowing your video effectively delivers your message and provides the results you desire.

Easy Edit Video has everything you need to create a polished presentation at a fraction of the traditional cost.