Easy Edit Video Shoots and Edits CCPAC Certification Study Guide

Easy Edit Video shooting and editing CCPAC certification study guide.

The  Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council is creating a new video study guide designed to prepare claims professionals to take their certification exam.
Ninety minutes in length and with nearly 200 power point slides, Easy Edit Video recorded both the host’s on-camera segments and voiceover, then will edit the final video together.

Executive Producer Charlene Shirk coordinated the shoot between CCPAC and Easy Edit Video.

CCPAC is a non-profit organization that seeks to raise the professional standards of individuals who specialize in the administration and negotiation of freight claims.

The certification recognizes those who have acquired the necessary degree of experience, education and expertise in domestic and international freight claims to warrant acknowledgment of their professional stature.

This Jacksonville video production project took place in Easy Edit Video’s green screen studio.