Preparing for a Green Screen Video Shoot

Preparing for a Green Screen Video Shoot: Our Series Continues

Easy Edit Video’s Green Screen Studio in Jacksonville, Florida. Let’s make your next video project a reality!

When you work with Easy Edit Video’s team, we make it easy for you and we are here every step of the day. To ensure a successful production, you want to be prepared for your shoot. Here is what we recommend:

1.  Have a Pre-Production Meeting.
Determine video content and objectives. 
Decide your goals and topics to be included.
Determine what the background(s) will look like BEFORE the shooting…logos, designs, colors, etc.
If possible, create a storyboard to show how the speaker will appear on the background.  

2.  Write your script or create an outline.
The script is what you say when you are on-camera.  The green screen video production script is the basis of  your project.

3.  E-mail us a copy of your approved script.
Do it a day or two before your shoot so we can load it into our teleprompter.

Our teleprompter is completely customizable to suit your needs.
If necessary, we can also make last minute revisions when you are here.

That’s it! We look forward to working with you on your next video production project. With our state of the art in-house green screen studio here at our Jacksonville office, anything you wish to create – we can help you make it happen!