Your Location Can Make or Break Your Video

Production Planning: Your Location

Did you know that your location can make or break your video? It is important to plan where you want to shoot ahead of time. Looking for a location means finding the right place that will serve as the setting for the scenes in your script….this can either be on-location or in a studio. In video production, the right location supports the narrative and helps create a believable world.

A few things to keep in mind when selecting your location:
Aesthetics:  Does the location match your vision?  How will it
     look when videotaped?
Permits and Permission:
  Private property usually requires the
    owner’s permission.  Public property may require a permit from
    the municipality.
Distance:  How far away is the location?  Then assess the
   feasibility of transporting cast, crew, and equipment to the site.
Cost:  What, if anything is the cost to rent, lease or use the site?
Logistics:  What resources are available…what resources will
    you need to provide?  This includes lighting, scenery or a set,
    AC power or generators, toilets, parking.
Weather and Environment:  What impact could they have on your