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Transfers and Conversions
Transfers and Conversions

We are proud to be Jacksonville’s Largest Video Transfer and Digital Conversion Studio! Convert all your videotapes, home movies, slides, photographs and cassette tapes into DVD or USB Flashdrive. Digitize all your media so you can keep those memories for generations!

Livestreaming Events
Livestreaming Events

Easy Edit Video Specializes In Livestreaming Jacksonville Special Events, Programs, Speakers, Performances, and Ceremonies.

Corporate Videos
Corporate Videos

Corporate Marketing, Corporate Training, and Promoting Your Expertise and Brand as a Business Owner

Green Screen Studio
Green Screen Studio

Our Jacksonville Green Screen Studio Is Complete With Everything You Need To Make Your Video A Success.

Celebration Videos
Celebration Videos

Create A Celebration Video For Someone You Love. Mother’s Day. Fathers, Day. Wedding showers. High School and College Graduations. These are just a few of the special occasions that we can help you capture..

Recording Family Memories
Recording Family Memories

In addition to digitizing your special family memories from DVDs and VHS tapes, we can help you preserve precious memories while loved ones are still with you in our cozy green screen studio


Happy Clients Say

We've used David and his team at Easy Edit Video on several projects and we will continue to do so. They are professional from pre to post-production. Their "can-do" attitude gets it done every time, even when presented with unexpected challenges. We are grateful to have a long-term relationship and look forward to the next project.

A 5 Star Google Review from Alex F
A 5 Star Google Review from Alex F

I've used Easy Edit Video in the past to create a lyric video for my YouTube channel. I was very pleased with the quality of my video. I get great compliments!
I recently used them again to shoot a video for a virtual concert and they did not disappoint. David, the owner, was so amazing to work with and so was Paul. They made sure I was happy with the finished product. If you're needing a video company that is professional, courteous and know how to take care of their customers, I highly recommend Easy Edit Video.

A 5 Star Google Review From Lisa Franklin Music

I have been holding on dearly to my childhood collection of VHS tapes from my late father. After experiencing lots of skipping and finally a break in one of the tapes, I knew it was time to entrust them to someone if I had any hope of preserving them. The team at Easy Edit Video just converted seven of my VHS tapes to DVD, and when they returned everything back to me, it was clear that they had handled each one with gentle care. Thank you so much! Y’all have been absolutely wonderful. I’ll be back with my cassette tape soon! ❤️

A 5 Star Google Review from Brandi G

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What is a Celebration of Life Service and Why Would You Want to Make a Video of it?

When it comes to honoring a loved one’s memory, there’s a beautiful shift happening in the way we say goodbye. Enter the “Celebration of Life” service, a heartwarming alternative to traditional funerals or memorial services. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what exactly a celebration of life service is, how it differs from more conventional ceremonies, why capturing it on video is a brilliant idea, and how livestreaming adds a modern twist to this meaningful ritual.

What is a Celebration of Life Service?

Think of a celebration of life service as a tribute that’s all about honoring the vibrancy and uniqueness of an individual. Rather than dwelling solely on the sadness of loss, it’s a chance to embrace the joy, happiness, and laughter that their life brought to those around them. It’s a gathering that reflects the personality, passions, and accomplishments of the person who has passed away.

What Sets it Apart from Funerals or Memorial Services?

The main difference between a celebration of life service and a traditional funeral or memorial lies in the tone and focus. While funerals and memorials often center around the somber aspects of death, a celebration of life is all about highlighting the positive. It’s a time to share stories that make you smile, to recall the quirks that made your loved one unique, and to celebrate the impact they had on the world.

Why Should You Make a Video of Your Celebration Service?

Capturing the moments of a celebration of life service on video is like preserving a treasure trove of memories. Just like flipping through an old photo album, watching the video can transport you back to that day, allowing you to relive the heartfelt speeches, touching anecdotes, and genuine connections. It becomes a tangible keepsake that you can revisit whenever you need a dose of inspiration or comfort.

A video could be made available for anyone who either could not be physically in attendance for the service or perhaps they felt too sad or distressed at the time in their grief and can later watch the video when they are ready to do so.

Benefits of Livestreaming Your Celebration of Life Service

In this digital age, livestreaming has taken center stage, even when it comes to life’s most poignant moments. Livestreaming your celebration of life service brings a host of benefits:

  1. Inclusivity: Not everyone can physically attend the service, but livestreaming allows friends and family from around the world to participate and feel connected in real-time.
  2. Shared Experience: Livestreaming enables loved ones who may be physically distant to share in the experience together, creating a sense of unity even when miles apart.
  3. Flexibility: Viewers can tune in at their convenience, giving them the flexibility to watch live or catch up later, ensuring that everyone can be part of the commemoration.
  4. Preservation: Just like recording the event, livestreaming also preserves the service for posterity, providing an everlasting tribute that future generations can access.
  5. COVID-19 Considerations: In the face of unforeseen circumstances like the pandemic, livestreaming ensures that no one is left out due to restrictions on gatherings.

A celebration of life service is a testament to the beauty of embracing the joyful moments that define a person’s existence. It’s a reminder that even in times of grief, there’s a place for laughter, stories, and shared memories. By capturing this celebration on video and livestreaming it, you extend the opportunity for connection and remembrance beyond geographical boundaries. So, whether you’re organizing a celebration of life service or attending one, remember that it’s a chance to honor a life well-lived, and to ensure that those cherished moments are etched in time for all to see and feel.

Since 1993, Easy Edit Video has been helping the families of Jacksonville, Florida record and livestream celebrations of life services and other family events such as family reunions, birthdays, bar and bat mitzvahs, baptisms, graduations, and more. Give us a call today so that we can help you record and livestream your important event.

Lights, Camera, Jacksonville! A Brief History of Film Production in Jacksonville, Florida

Get ready for a reel treat as we take a rollicking ride through the captivating history of movies and film production in the sunny First Coast of Florida. From silent classics to blockbuster hits, our beloved city has been a shining star in the cinematic universe. And who’s bringing you this entertaining scoop? It’s your friendly team at Easy Edit Video, Jacksonville’s homegrown video production wizards since 1993! So grab your popcorn and let’s dive into this epic tale.

The Silent Beginnings: Jacksonville’s Film Legacy (1908-1920s)

Way back in 1908, Jacksonville witnessed the early sparks of film production when the ambitious Kalem Company set up shop here. They churned out dozens of short films, taking advantage of the city’s diverse landscapes and vibrant streets. Jacksonville gained the nickname the “Winter Film Capital of the World” because the sunny winter climate attracted several movie studios to locate here. 

The Roaring Twenties: La-La Land in Jacksonville (1920s)

As the Jazz Age swung into full gear, Jacksonville saw an upswing in film production. This vibrant period witnessed the creation of exciting films, ranging from heartwarming dramas to rip-roaring comedies. Unfortunately, the Great Fire of 1901 destroyed many of these early film archives, but the spirit of creativity and storytelling lived on! (Source: Jax Daily Record)

Hollywood of the East: Jacksonville’s Golden Era (1930s-1950s)

In the 1930s, Jacksonville earned the moniker “Hollywood of the East” as it blossomed into a film production paradise. The Ritz Theatre and LaVilla district became hotspots for movie premieres, and esteemed filmmakers flocked to our city. Jacksonville’s allure as a filming location grew, with numerous studios producing films that captured the essence of the times.

The Silver Screen Renaissance: Revival in the 1980s to Present

The Pippi Longstocking house in Fernandina Beach, Florida (Source and Image credit: AuthenticFlorida.com)

After a period of relative quiet on the film production front (much of the industry moved to California), Jacksonville experienced a silver screen revival in the 1980s. Iconic movies like “The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking” (1988) and “Parenthood” (1989) brought lights, cameras, and action back to our beloved city. The enthusiasm was contagious, and Jacksonville once again found itself in the spotlight of the movie-making world.

For a fun list of TV shows and movies filmed here in Jacksonville, see Visit Jacksonville TV and Movie Watchlist.

There you have it, folks – a whirlwind tour of Jacksonville’s illustrious journey in the world of movies and film production. From its silent beginnings to the silver screen renaissance, our city’s cinematic history is nothing short of extraordinary. And as the reels keep rolling, Easy Edit Video remains your trusted companion, ready to capture the magic of your stories with cinematic finesse!

Master Rasaji is updating his "Circle of Life" DVD series and Easy Edit Video is assisting in the journey.

If you are a Jacksonville resident with a tale to tell, remember – Easy Edit Video is just a call away! Let’s make some movie magic together, right here in the heart of sunny Florida. Until next time, keep those cameras rolling and dreams soaring high! Cheers to the wonderful world of cinema and Jacksonville’s unending legacy in it!

Video is an Excellent Tool for Corporate Training and Fostering Your Company’s Culture

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, video has become an indispensable tool for Jacksonville, Florida businesses in various aspects of operations. From training new employees to promoting company culture, video offers a dynamic and engaging medium that effectively communicates messages, captures attention, and enhances understanding.

Onboarding and Orientation Videos

You can create a series of videos that introduce new employees to your company’s mission, values, and culture. This helps streamline the onboarding process and ensure consistent messaging. These videos can include welcome messages from key executives, virtual office tours, and insights into the company’s history and goals. According to a study by the Aberdeen Group, organizations that use video for onboarding experience 50% higher new hire retention rates.

Videos for Skills Development and Training Programs

Deliver training content in an engaging and interactive manner. Companies can create video tutorials, demonstrations, and simulations to train employees on specific skills and tasks. For complex procedures or software training, videos can be an invaluable resource for providing step-by-step instructions. Research by the Brandon Hall Group found that video-based learning increases information retention by 25% compared to traditional training methods.

Compliance and Safety Training Videos

Ensuring compliance with regulations and maintaining a safe work environment is crucial for any organization. Video can effectively convey information on compliance guidelines, safety protocols, and best practices. By incorporating real-life scenarios and interactive elements, businesses can engage employees and reinforce essential information. This approach helps reduce accidents, mitigate risks, and foster a culture of safety within the company.

Promoting Your Company’s Culture Through Video

Employee Testimonials and Success Stories

Video testimonials featuring employees sharing their experiences and success stories can be a powerful tool for promoting company culture. These videos provide an authentic and personal perspective that resonates with both internal and external stakeholders. Employees can share their journeys, describe the positive aspects of working for the company, and highlight the opportunities for growth and development. Sharing such videos on company websites and social media platforms helps build a strong employer brand and attract top talent.

Behind-the-Scenes and Day-in-the-Life Videos

Showcasing the behind-the-scenes operations and offering a glimpse into a typical workday can help potential employees understand your company’s culture and work environment. These videos can capture the energy, collaboration, and camaraderie within the organization, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement. This can help you strengthen your employer brand and differentiate yourself in a competitive job market.

Virtual Town Halls and Leadership Messages

Video is an excellent medium for senior executives to connect with employees on a personal level. Virtual town halls and leadership messages can be recorded and shared, allowing executives to communicate important updates, share their vision, and address questions and concerns. These videos create a sense of transparency and inclusion, fostering trust and alignment among employees. Additionally, they provide an opportunity for remote workers or those in different locations to engage with the leadership team.

Video production has emerged as a powerful tool for companies to enhance employee training and promote company culture. Whether through engaging onboarding videos, interactive training modules, or captivating testimonials, businesses can leverage video’s dynamic nature to deliver impactful messages and foster a positive work environment. By incorporating video into their training programs and cultural initiatives, companies can accelerate learning, improve retention, and create a sense of belonging among employees.

Are you ready to harness the power of video to revolutionize your employee training and enhance your company culture?

Easy Edit Video would love to help!

Look no further than Easy Edit Video, your trusted partner for corporate video production in Jacksonville, Florida. Our experienced team is well-versed in creating compelling and impactful videos that captivate audiences and deliver your message effectively.

Contact us today to discuss your next corporate video project. Whether you need assistance with employee training videos, company culture promotion, or any other video production needs, our experts at Easy Edit Video are here to help you achieve your goals.

Reach out to us at:

Phone: 904-730-9999 Email: Regent@easyeditvideo.com Address: 8431 Baymeadows Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256

Livestreaming: Enhancing Your Jacksonville Events with Easy Edit Video

Livestreaming is a great way to transcend physical barriers and capture the essence of special moments. With the expertise of Easy Edit Video, a leading Jacksonville, Florida video production company, livestreaming has become more accessible and impactful than ever before. Let’s explore the exciting world of livestreaming and discover the endless possibilities it presents.

Benefits of Livestreaming at Family Events:

Rose Mary Sawyer’s 80th Birthday Celebration
  1. Inclusion and Global Reach: Livestreaming family events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, baptisms and bar-mitzvahs, life celebrations, and reunions, allows distant relatives and loved ones who are unable to attend in person to actively participate and celebrate together. It breaks down geographical barriers and fosters a sense of inclusion, uniting families across the globe.
  2. Real-Time Interaction: By enabling live comments, chat features, and interactive elements, livestreaming facilitates real-time communication between remote participants and event attendees. This interactive experience enhances engagement, making every viewer feel connected and involved.
  3. Lasting Memories: Livestreamed family events can be recorded and archived, creating lasting memories that can be cherished and revisited in the future. Easy Edit Video can assist in capturing these precious moments with high-quality production and editing techniques, ensuring the preservation of those cherished memories.

Benefits of Livestreaming at Corporate Events:

  1. Wider Audience Reach: Livestreaming corporate events, such as conferences, product launches, and seminars, expands the potential audience beyond those physically present. Easy Edit Video can help businesses reach a global audience, increasing brand exposure and extending the impact of the event.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness: Livestreaming eliminates the need for attendees to travel, reducing costs associated with travel, accommodation, and venue expenses. This allows companies to allocate their resources more efficiently while still delivering a high-quality event experience.
  3. Enhanced Engagement and Interaction: Livestreaming empowers businesses to engage with their audience through live polls, Q&A sessions, and interactive features. Participants can actively participate in real-time, strengthening the connection between the brand and its audience.

Benefits of Livestreaming at Jacksonville Community Events:

Easy Edit Video Films Governor DeSantis' Boat Flotilla on St. Johns River in Jacksonville

Inclusivity and Community Building: Livestreaming community events, such as fundraisers, town hall meetings, and cultural festivals, allows individuals who are unable to attend physically to actively participate and engage with their community. It fosters a sense of togetherness and strengthens community bonds.

  1. Amplified Awareness and Support: Livestreaming community events creates an opportunity to reach a wider audience, increasing awareness of important causes, local initiatives, and social campaigns. Easy Edit Video can assist in capturing the essence of these events, showcasing the impact and encouraging support.
  2. Remote Learning and Education: Livestreaming workshops, seminars, and educational events within the community provides access to valuable knowledge and resources to a larger audience. It promotes lifelong learning, empowers individuals, and fosters personal growth.

Reach out to Easy Edit Video today if you are planning a live Jacksonville-area event for your family, church, synagogue, school, company, non-profit organization, and any other community event that you are organizing. Professional videography and live-streaming Jacksonville events is our specialty. We look forward to helping you not only record this special event, but to make it accessible (live while the event is happening) for guests or attendees that are not able to be here in Jacksonville to attend in person.

Call us today 904-730-9999, email Regent@EasyEditVideo.com, or submit this form and we will reach out to you shortly. Thank you.